Shipping Policy

Shipping Policy

Every purchase made with us at is guaranteed to be delivered in full to our clients. We keep track of your package from the time it is sent until the time it is delivered. if there are any problems with your delivery, we will send you an email notice as soon as possible. Following that, you will be provided with a new tracking number, and your new package will be delivered to you at your specified location once again. Following the confirmation of your orders, you will be provided with a tracking number.

Our Shipping and Receiving Conditions

  1. Please keep in mind that if you have provided an erroneous or invalid mailing address, we will not be able to reship or provide a refund.
  2. We would need to verify the identification of the individual placing the order before processing it. As opposed to weekends and holidays, your purchase will be delivered Monday through Friday.
  3. We work with top delivery service providers such as FedEx, DHL, the United States Postal Service, and EMS to ensure that your purchase is delivered on time and without any delays.
  4. Occasionally, we send several items for a single purchase; in this case, the handling and shipping costs are only applied to the first product sent.
  5. The time it takes for your medicine to be delivered will be determined by when you make your purchase.
  6. If you experience any delays in getting your shipment, it is most likely due to natural catastrophes or a snag in customs processing.
  7. Pricing and Shipping Estimation for International Orders 3-4 Business Days are required for processing.

4 Business Days are required.

Our shipping service is available to all countries in the globe. On the order confirmation page, we will provide an estimate of when your purchase will arrive. In the event of a delayed shipping or the receipt of a damaged package, you may contact our customer care staff for assistance. All pharmaceutical orders are delivered securely and are fully monitored throughout the process. We will pay the cost of re-shipping or refunding your purchase if it does not arrive at your doorstep within 25 business days of placing your order. Orders are processed and delivered within one day after receiving a tracking number, and in certain cases, orders are processed and shipped in less