Refund Policy
The refund policy of our Online Dispensary will offer information about the service in which we will return the money to our clients on their medicine purchase and will emphasise the benefits of doing so. The majority of pharmaceutical orders are not eligible for a refund. To process refunds, we follow a certain set of processes. It will be explained in detail in our refund policy who is eligible to get a refund from our online pharmacy.
It is necessary for you to give us a photo of your damaged goods in order for us to verify their condition before we can begin the reimbursement procedure. We will examine your returned goods after it has been received and will notify you that we have received your returned product. On top of that, we’ll send you an email whether your money return request has been approved or rejected. The refund procedure will be initiated and the funds will be sent straight to your credit card or other legitimate payment method within 25 days if you are qualified for a refund.
First and foremost, if you have not received payment within one month, you should conduct another audit of your banking records. Call your credit card company after that since it may take some time for them to transfer the money from your credit card to your bank account, even if your refund has been approved and deposited to your credit card account. If you have tried all of the above options and have still not received a refund, please contact our online pharmacy by mail or telephone to inquire about your situation.

You may be eligible for a full refund.

  1. A person who gets a product that has been damaged
  2. It was discovered that the medication dose was incorrect.
  3. The package got misplaced while in route.
  4. The ordered goods is either faulty or has been lost in route.
  5. The medication you purchased has passed its expiration date.
  6. I was given the incorrect amount of medicines.
  7. Customs is holding up the order package.
Please keep in mind that the return procedure may vary depending on the circumstances. If you want to get your refund by debit or credit card, or via Netbanking, please wait 5-8 business days for the funds to be sent to your account. When this time period is exceeded, we are not liable since most banks will process the return amount later, and we have no control over when they will process the refund amount.

Partial Refunds are available to those who qualify.

If you use some of the pills in a package and then return some of the pills because they are ineffective or you are dissatisfied with them, there is a possibility that you may get a partial refund. It is necessary for you to include this information in a letter and submit it to us so that we can handle your refund as quickly as possible. In the case of any leftover pills that you return to us, your refund will be handled accordingly.

In certain cases, we may make an exception to our refund policy.

  1. If you have caused damage to the box by opening it, you will not be entitled to claim a reimbursement for that damage.
  2. Products purchased on sale are not eligible for a refund.
  3. We replace the goods in the event that you get a different dose, but we do not provide a refund as a result of this.
  4. After the shipment has been received, a refund will not be given to anybody who wants alternative pills in lieu of the prescription medication that was ordered.
  5. Products should be left unopened. Medicinal items that have been used will not be returned under any circumstances.
  6. Your refund will be cancelled if you do not request it within 10 days of receiving your order.
  7. It will not be acceptable to individuals who have discontinued Tramadol therapy and have requested a refund for their prescription. This kind of situation does not warrant a return of the money.

If you have any additional questions, you may contact us and talk with someone from our refund department to have them answered.